The Bowtie Bakery was Established in 2013 by Cake design and Pastry Chef Neha Pal, in Toronto, Ontario. Neha is a self-taught pastry chef and trained cake decorator. Neha has had a passion for baking since childhood and loved all things sweet! She made her first cake at the age of 9 and her passion rapidly grew. Between work and school, Neha would use her free time to research and test new recipes. She created a collection of recipes that she felt met a high standard of quality.

Neha always knew at some point in her life she wanted to open a bakery – desserts and cakes became an integral part of her life. On a winter evening in December, something called out to her and she felt like taking the plunge to begin her bakery. On December 2nd, 2013 Bowtie was established and began changing the bakery landscape.

Since 2013, The Bowtie Bakery has grown to depths Neha only once imagined. Bowtie continues to use her secret recipes for cakes and desserts, and upholds a high standard of quality.